Thursday, November 8, 2012

A Recent Picture of you and 15 Interesting Facts About Yourself

In order to get myself writing again I am going to take part in a 30 Day Challenge.

Day 1: A Recent Picture of You and 15 Interesting Facts About Yourself.

Well here it goes, I'm not sure if anything of these "Facts" are interesting...but, I am what I am!

1. I have to read a magazine in literally makes my skin crawl to do it out of order. Like I can't skip around...If an artile is finished on a back page...I can't even turn to it I have to wait untill I get there. It's so weird I know.

2. I constantly listen to songs and try to fit them into my life. Sometimes, I make connections with the most ridiculous of lines in the most ridiculous of ways. Other times it makes me borderline depressed.

3. I was asked to sign a witness certificate for two of my favorite people who are getting married(well they are becoming an offical domestic partnership). They are a homosexual couple who have been together for 10 years! I am sooo blessed and honored that they choose me to do this for them!

4. I have a history of getting my head stuck. When I was two years old I got my head stuck in a McDonald's in New Orleans, over the baby shark tank at Sea World Orlando and on the 2nd floor balcony of a parents friends house. Luckily, I was able to step through each time.....well at my neighbor's house I had to step through onto a ladder and grease up the bars...and at Sea World..I'm still not sure how I got out...but clearly I did.

5. I love trivia. In college I would go and play trivia approximately 4 nights a week. Now, I try to play once a week and I host it once a week. Just call me your neighborhood trivia host!

6. I cannot lay in a bed in real clothes. I cannot stand if someone wears real clothes into my bed. I just can't take it. You must be naked or in pajamas if you choose to be in my bed!

7.I'm obssesed with making list. I want to make lists for everything....I find it fascinating.....and it allows me to feel connected. I make lists for everything but what people usually make lists for. I don't make To-Do Lists or Shopping Lists...I make lists for everything that doesn't require a list....a top 5 make out songs list for example.

8. I can be self-destructive. Not when it comes to physical harm...I'm not a cutter, risk-taker, alcoholic or drug user...but I constantly put myself in emotionally destrictive situations...that don't even seem that bad...but that destroy who I am.

9. I vote for President Barack Obama, and I am proud. I voted for him because I believe in an equal America and I believe the Supreme Court and it's process and who represents us on the Supreme Court is the most important branch of government.

9. I am a mess. I can never get organized....and I rarely do laundry...thank god I own way to many pairs of underwear.

10. I always say Spring is my favorite..but really it's Fall.....why do I lie to others and myself?

11. I get super emotional when watching sporting events or sports news. I feel like that is the chance we get to see people's dreams come true...or shatter....I cry when watching it 95% of the time!

12. I am super terrified of heights...I'm more terrified of heights now than I have ever been. It's weird. This week I nearly had a panic attack when my Department Chair climbed on to the roof and took a photo I was convinced she was going to fall to her death....then again at the Regional Swim Meet. A few of the divers were going on the platform (10 meters) and I freaked I was convinced they were going to die. Even though I knew better...

13. I have acromegaly, which means, medically, I am a giant!

14. Halloween is my favorite Holiday...and for the second year in  a row I did nothing for it. :( My work is crazy at this time of year!

15. I am a bit obsessive....I currently am on a House, sushi, craft beer and red wine kick....

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