Sunday, May 31, 2009

Scew New Year's Resolutions...mine are Summer Resolutions

1. I will work out at least 5x a place only has a 24hr gym ....there is NO excuse.

2. I will eat healthy....this means stuff that can actually be grown...picked...milked or killed...not something that comes from a box.....

3. I will be neater....this means ....doing my laundry multiple times a week.....picking up after myself...and NOT throwing things on the floor.

4. I will lay out in the sun at least 3x a week. I have a beautiful pool at my wonderful apartment complex...and I need to take advantage of it.

5. I will read at least a book a week.

6. I will complete my summer lesson plans.

7. I will blog often and make the topics much more interesting.

8. I will go visit Johnny in Arizona.

9. I will save money.

10. I will have the best summer of my life

11. I will make a definitive decision and stick with it.

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