Thursday, September 27, 2012

Top 10 Best Fictional Boyfriends

So Chelsea Fabar over at (my favorite site ever) has come up with a list of her Top 10 Fictional Boyfriends....and I thought this was an amazing idea. So, it inspired me to come up with my own list. Without further top 10 fictional boyfriends.....I was going to do more with books and I got off track.....I may have to do a book only one soon!

 Peeta Mellark - Total devotion, a crush that transcends beyond a town and into a death arena. The boy with the bread. He's willing to give up his life to save hers....Peeta, is a dream guy. Devoted with a capital D. Peeta is the perfect man.

 Mr. Darcy----duh! Rich, sexy, intelligent and a bit of an ass. Mr. Darcy is the quintissential fictious boyfriend. Plus, once he sets his mind on something he doesn't give up (hmmm...sounds familiar). I believe that the way he treats people is probably the reason I take so much crap...but when he decides your worth it or you are someone who means something to him he will do everything in his power to help them out. Mr. Darcy...I will get dirty with him at any time. I choose this Mr. Darcy over Colin's because I find him sexier.

 Hello Agent Derek Morgan, sexy, smart, intuitive...Agent Derek Morgan has it all. Plus, who cannot help but love his relationship with Garcia. He's kind, thoughtful and I want to run my hands all over his body....and gaze into his eyes...but also how bad ass is his job? He'd also have to give me TONS of space as he travels a lot for work!

The Beast- Beauty and the Beast. He's broken and confused and hurt, but he's also loaded and can provide you with all the books you can read and all the food you can want...that will be made by the various animated furniture. The Beast is a total catch.

 Marshall Erikson- How I Met Your Mother. He is so devoted to Lilly it's adorable. Add to that he is spontaneous, hilarious, fun and a total teddybear...and you can't help but love him. He's an enviromental lawyer who cares about his surroundings, love his mom and brothers and can talk sports.Plus, he's TALLLLLL aren't tall guys the best?

 Luke Brandon- The Shopaholic Series

Able to put up with crazy/unique....check
World Traveler...check.
Luke Brandon....check.

Noah Calhoun- The Notebook. Seriously how can he NOT be on your list? Builds a house to honor you, wait on you, love you. Does nothing but wait for you and then devotes his life to you and retells you the story of your love EVERY day. Not to mention when  you're together as kids you have a blast.... swimming, fairs, and exposes you to things you've never had the pleasure to expereince....Noah is a winner. Plus look at that chemistry....

Gerry- PS I LOVE YOU: who wouldn't want a letter or a series of tasks from their dearly departed? Throughout the movie we get snippets of this love that seems to be fun, passionate and exciting...and we also see the love of a husband whose had to leave his wife behind. He wasn't perfect but he was true.

Wesley- The Princess Bride: As you wish.....Wesley goes off to try to become worthy of the farmer's daughter. Wesley, beautiful, well-spoken, fighter Wesley.

Jim Halpert- The Office. Cutest/Sweetest/Funniest guy ever. Perfect guy next door. How can you not love the guy who messes with Dwight? Look at that face!

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