Monday, June 15, 2009

I drive myself crazy....

So I've already failed miserably....

My room is messy, I haven't kept this blog up......and I've had bronchitis which has kept me from working out. Wednesday will officially mark one week of summer...and I've already failed at keeping my goals. Oh well....summer will go on....and I will try to refocus myself.

Anyways, today I found out I will be the new Head Swim Coach of Osceola High School. This is both exciting and sad. I'm absolutely going to miss both Cathy and Katie....and considering there is a chance I will not have any help.....I'm feeling quite overwhelmed and nervous. I told a few of the kids today and some cheered....which is kinda exciting....

Anyways, moving on....can you tell I'm ADHD today?

This weekend was PURE amazingness. Despite the bronchitis I mangaged to have a fantastic time! After a whirlwind weekend of attending the Magic's one and only Finals win, and just celebrating the Magic, Megan and I decided to head out to Hernando spend the weekend at my mom and step-dad's beach house playing on the boat and in the sun.

Friday afternoon after discovering that poor Buster needs knee surgery ( he had it today actually and is doing well but isn't allowed to do anything except go outside to pee for the next 4 weeks! Poor puppy!) Megan and I left for the beach to do some grocery shopping and prepare for a night out! Soon after my mom, john, jamie, tara and julianna arrived and we went to dinner at the upperdeck then went to a bar called R Beach. The bar was interesting and I feel like I can say we were the stars of the evening. Obviously younger than everyone else around and obviously drunker....everyone wanted to know how we were getting home and everyone watched us act like drunken fools. Oh well, we had an amazing time...followed by a weekend of burning myself on the boat!

Hmm...what else is on my mind?


Oh, I have to decide what books to teach my Classical Literature Class. I'm absoluetly puzzled. I know I'm teaching Great Expectations...but other than that I'm at a loss...... I have to study archetypes.....that's my only requirement. I have no idea what to pick!Any suggestions?

ALso, I think I am screwing up another aspect of my life. But that's a whole other story. After my drunken escapades on Tuesday I think I officially caused someone to no longer be my friend...and I think I pushed someone else, that I actually really care about, even farther away. It sucks and I honestly don't know what to do...I'm driving myself crazy.

Oh well...Myrtle BEach and Charleston here I come!

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