Sunday, January 10, 2010

I ate tomatos! Sort of...

So yesterday began my quest to begin eating tomatos.....though I'm not sure it completey counts. However, it is a start!

Last night  I ate my mother's bruchetta. My mother's bruchetta is delcious...but not exactly tomtotoey (my new word). Of course the bruchetta is made with tomatoes but then it is smothered with balsalmic vinager, herbed feta cheese, basil, season all, white pepper, garlic, salt, and I'm sure I am missing a few spices. Needless to say the brucheta was delicious and a great way to start my journey into tomatoes.

As far at the Krystle, Michele & Giada Project...well we have it a bump in the road. Turns out I actually forgot to "check out" at B& and had not ordered the book. However, it is now on its way and should be in my posession on Monday or Tuesday. I'm thinking Monday! Hopefully we can start cooking then!

The books we have ordered:

Once Michele and I have the books in hand we will be able to style our "attack!" Really I'm just excited to have something to do for a few weeks. I still feel really, really, really beat up and exhausted but I am itching for something to do. I can sleep all day...wake up around 5 and gt to work cooking. Michele and I sill have to discuss the grocery thing. Obviously, she'll have to drive...and maybe we'll go to the grocery store when I first wake up and then I'll take a nap and then wake up to cook. Because, Lord knows it takes wayyyy to much energy for me to go anywhere and do anything.                                                                               

Anyways, for right now I am at my Dad's. I love being here but at the same time I am already dreaming of my bed.....One day.... one day I will be ready to go back to normal!                                                        

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