Monday, November 15, 2010

42 Days!!!

42 Days!

So this weekend my mom cleaned out my car for my Birthday (thanks Mom!). Trust me it was a HUGE job and I am sooo greatful. Let’s put it this way, I drive a four door Ford Focus, and it was almost impossible for me to have one passenger in the car. MUCHO cleaning out was needed.

However, my mother cleaned it out for my Birthday and she found all my travel writing books! Woohoo! I have a ton of travel writing books from when I took my travel writing class in college. I look forward to reading, learning and seeing what the heck I can figure out!

The books:

*Neither Here nor There: Travels in Europe. This collection of short stories by Bill Bryson are humorous accounts of Europe and everything Europe has to offer. I especially look forward to reading about Brussels!

*Paris in Mind- Is a collection of stories from writers that span many decades and even centuries and just focus on Paris.

*The Best American Travel Writing 2009. These are the best travel writing stories from 2009. I’m stoked!

I have few other travel writting books I'm getting into, but any suggestions out there?

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