Tuesday, December 14, 2010

London Wedding Heat's Up Tourism...and Warm's Our Hearts

As we all know Prince William is off the market! Prince William is set to wed Kate Middleton on April 29th at one of my favorite places in the world - Westminster Abbey (see:[Link]http://confessionsofachronicwanderluster.blogspot.com/2010/11/favorite-travel-memories.html).  Anways, The wedding date has been set and London tourism has never been so hott! According to CNN.com, hotels are offering what they are calling "Kate Rates," for the two weeks in April surrounding the wedding. While many hotels are already full, and most are overcharging no one has reported price gouging and many officials and travel experts are saying everyone should be able to get a room --- for the right price. Many of these rooms will have to be outside of London, and then they will have to travel into London for the actual wedding.

Something else the report mentioned is how many people hire private venues in which to watch the wedding. People essential rent a hall, room, restaurant, etc. and invite people to watch the wedding on t.v.....this seems to be akin to going to a restaurant to watch the Super Bowl, I assume but very different. Can you imagine if a political wedding caused this much attention? The closest thing we've had to a royal wedding recently I assume would have to be Chelsea Clinton - or one of the Bush twin's who actually married while her Father was serving...and while photos were taken and released it was not a state affair - it wasn't televised....and really no one cared.

Now, before you say hey...wait a minute, this is totally different. I must agree. Our political weddings do not dictate royalty or determine the future of our country.  Weddings this country in general aren't a huge public affair, is it because we're bitter? Don't care? I feel like we're more likely to celebrate the newest release in technology, stand in line for the newest iPhone or video game....but would we even watch a wedding on tv? I doubt it. It's crazy to me how different we are from our British counterpart.

However, I will be watching the royal wedding, and I know a lot of people who will as well. But what makes a British wedding so different from an American one? Tradition?

Want to learn more about the royal wedding of Kate Middleton & Prince William check out CNN.com's coverage: [Link]http://www.cnn.com/2010/TRAVEL/12/14/royal.wedding.tourism/index.html

**okay I realize this is totally off topic and random, and it started off as a travelish post and ended with a rant on weddings....but hey, that's me.....off-topic, yoyo and random**

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