Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Eff, Mary, Kill: Disney Princes


I love Eff, Marry, Kill.

Today's choices are Disney Princes!

So my choices are Prince Eric from The Little Mermaid, the Beast from Beauty & The Beast, and John Smith from Pochantaus.
My Choices:
Eff: Prince Eric - look at that smile, those blue eyes...and if you watch the movie you know for sure he knows how to tease someone just enough to keep their interest! I mean he has Ariel on the edge of her seat. I'd definietly Eff the hell out of Prince Eric.
Marry: The Beast. Umm he can keep in an enchanted house that can make me anything I want to eat at all hours of the night, and he has a library that is out of this world. SIGN ME UP! Plus, since he's the "beast," I'll always feel tiny and petite next to him. Plus, he's a beast...I'm sure that would translate to lots of fun in the bedroom.The Beast is definietly marriage material.
Kill: John Smith- Call me a new aged woman but I'm not about all the conquering, and white supremacy. Yes, he eventually sees Pochantaus's side...but not after trying to take land away from the natives. I'd off John Smith and give us all a break!


  1. hi! stopping by from the link-up. I LOVE THIS!!!!!!! your description on prince eric is just so perfect and on point. oh beast, i would love to marry him too!! who needs john smith and his new world anyway :)

  2. Hahahaahhaha LOVE your reasons to marry beast....obviously the best reasons I've heard for marriage....EVER! :)

  3. this is great - never would have thought about doing Disney!! lol, literally... "doing" Disney - ewww!!! :)

  4. I love this! Eric is definitely swoon worthy.

  5. Glad you guys could enjoy my Disney Themed Eff, Marry, Kill!

  6. LOVE these!! And I totally agree about Beast, although I'd prefer if he was a person while still having the staff be enchanted objects. That could happen, right? ;)

  7. In the world of cartoon lovers...anything can happen.

  8. hilarious picks!! i would marry eric and eff the best lol

  9. Good choices. John Smith should die, being all Mel Gibson and junk - and then I want to run off with his ginger sidekick Thomas, who sounds just like Christian Bale. Mmmm.

    Also high on my Disney list? Flynn Rider from 'Tangled' and Prince Naveen from 'The Princess and the Frog.' Bruce Campos has a muito sexy voice, no?

  10. Awesome theme! And I totally agree with your choices.

    Stopping by from the linkup! :)
    Easily Entertained

  11. Totally agree with your choices! Oh, the Beast's library *swoon*

    Just stopping by to say thanks for participating in the Secret Santa Swap! So excited!!



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