Saturday, December 25, 2010

The Ugly, The Bad, The Good....2010 Style

I'vew been thinking about the past year a lot lately. With 2011 quickly approaching it's no wonder 2010 has been on my mind and what a 2010 it was...for that matter what a 2009 it was!

The Ugly:
1. On December 28th, 2009 I had brain surgery to remove a tumor on my pituitary. The tumor while fortunately benign was secreting growth hormone giving me the title of Giant...haha just me the disease acromegaly. What is acromegaly you may ask? Well it's Giantism, and while I  was stoked to be tumor free before 2010 began I rang in New Years in ICU at Celebration Hospital accompanied by my ICU nurse and former Coach (who was on the phone) because I had celebrated New Year's Eve around 10:30 before passing out! I truly found out how lucky I was while in ICU. I was constantly surrounded by friends and family ad upon returning home in January I was catered to loved and taken care of. While I still struggle constantly with the implications of my disease I feel better every day and am trying to better myself and my quality of life now that things are a bit easier.

Ringing in New Year's Eve with some of my favoite people at 10:00pm (Not Pictured: My Mom & Step Dad).

2, Also in 2010 I fractured both my wrists, one of my elbows and dislocated my knee cap! Ouch! This happened in a freak flag football sideline accident and is totally hilarious. I had just been cleared for activity and I had a blast. It was painful and ridiculous and happened mostly in part due to the tumor I had just had removed, but nevertheless it was an experince that makes me extra glad that 2010 is on its way out the door!

Worst picture ever....

3. My brother was unable to come home for Christmas :(

Johnny, Dad, Susan and I Christmas 2009

The Bad:
1. I had to give up my awesome apartment in Hunter's Creek because with the surgery I could no longer afford living on my own if I wanted to do the things (like traveling) that I insist on doing!

At the pool of the old apartment w/two brothers and friend?

2. Two of my best friends moved away :(.

Michele & I circa 2005.

Jessie & I @ TheSocial Phone Booth!

The Good:
1.The best thing about 2010 so far? My family. I was blessed with a beautiful neice Cambre London Coffey on July 16th, 2010 and she is a constant source of enjoyment in my life. I love how she is starting to recognize me and how she smiles and loves and gives the biggest hug while she buries her face in your neck or shoulder. She is constantly singing and smiling and is such a pure source of love. Besides that in 2010 my family has stood beside me a lot. They've helped me financially when it came to my health issues and have even given me a lot of emotional support as I struggle with my health and self-esteem and try to figure out what I want to do with my life. My family extended and blood is amazing. While I hate having my brother so far away I have never felt closer to the people in my life. They are my rock.

Cambre & I on the day she was born! July 16, 2010

With the Family @ the UCF vs. ECU Game!

2. My career is going AWESOME and my girl's team won the OBC Championship for the first time since 2002! This is especially exciting if you add the fact that I was named the Osceola County Girls Swim Coach of the Year. I also love teaching and have a pretty great group of kids....I love the way things are.

My girls! 2010 OBC Swim Champs!

3. My Friends! I know I constantly brag about my friends and their amazingness but seriously, I have the best friends. I always know someone to call or count on or rely on. I am constantly told by my siblings who haven't always been so lucky in the friend department that they are envious of my group of friends. Well, I have no idea how I have earned such an all-star cast of friends, but I am not going to jinx it and just be greatful and hope that I can do as much for them as they do for me!

Carolyn & I

Some of the best friends a girl can ask for!

Epcot withs

friends @ Bar Louie!
but a goodie with some of the best!

4. My travelling experinces! I've been to Charleston and Breckenridge and I am about to take off to London, Paris, Brussels and Amsterdam! I love to travel and I can't wait to share my adventures with you!
Charleston Harbor

5. I accomplished my New Year's Resolution by learning to eat fish and tomatos (okay so only tomatos sometimes and only Tuna......but yay!)

6. My Puppy Buster..he's just always good!


  1. I'm sorry to hear you also have Acromegaly. You're a beautiful woman! It may take a few years to get to a new "normal" but you'll get there. Keep that positive attitude :-)

  2. Thank you! Im also sorry to hear about your continuous struggles with Acromegaly but am glad to hear you are improving! You too are beautiful and your blog has helped me maintain my positive attitude!



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