Monday, December 13, 2010

We're Classy....Kissimmee Classy.

The best ideas usually come together over wine...with good friends. Last, Tuesday a goup of us were sitting at the local Wine Bar and came up with the idea of getting together to eat delicious food....and then Kelly added that Christmas attire was a must (this we did not do so well with).

However, despite a power outtage, and copious amounts of wine....we put together quite a delicious meal. It's nice when you know that you can get together with a group of people and everyone will contribute. The boys (Gabe and Nestor) did a fantastic job with the Beef Bougion, and add to that a caprese salad and stuffed mushrooms (Lindsey), Ham Ball (Kelly), Banana Pudding (Austin), Potato Cassorole (Reid), Smores (Kevin), Sugar Cookies (Bob), Red Velvet Cake (Ashley), and my trio of goat cheese crostinis. It was such a great time!

Did I add that this idea not only spawned from our wine night but also came from the fact that a ton of us our leaving for Europe? Three of the boys involved in the dinner are leaving for Europe on Wednesday and will be gone a little under three weeks! While us girls will not see them on our trip we wish them the best!

Bowser begging!
Bowser's mommy making spinach & parmesan stuffed mushrooms.

Two of the goat cheese crostinis!

The food!



  1. I want crostinis for dinner! Now!

  2. I'm a crostini machine! I can make them for you!



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