Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Wanderlust Wednesday

So lately, I've been thinking about taking a road trip. Yes, a road trip. This is a huge departure from my usual wanderlust wonderings....because usually I dream of Europe, or places far, far, away. But recently I've realized there is a LOT of this country I have not seen. So, I am thinking about road tripping. My family is taking a family vacation to Breckenridge, Colorado and I'm considering driving out there (from Kissimmee, FL) and then driving to visit a friend in Las Vegas, and my brother in Phoenix, Az.

I also, want to go to South Carolina and I may take a class in California....but do I want to road trip the whole thing? Am I insane? Or is this a great idea? Anyone out there no a website that calculates how much a route will cost in gas? Anyone know of a cheap way to find places to stay along the way? Just looking at the photos makes me want to go! The question isn't should I stay or should I go, the question is.....should I fly,  or drive?

Anyone have any road trip suggestions? Been on one? Have a route the recommend?


  1. If you make a road trip to South Carolina, you should just continue your way to DC. It's only a 13 hour drive from Florida. Just saying.

  2. Do Utah to Arizona! I lovvveeeeddd Utah! check out my pics...and I think i might still have the map we used which has one of the most americas most scenic routes

  3. Linz, I thought that Mapquest had gas estimates too but I can't find them!

    Natalie, I've done the drive between there before but I'm looking forward to attempting it again. The question I fly to Colorado and rent a car? Or what? Lots to think about !

    And Jessie, I'm toying with the idea of driving up for Spring Break......we'll see :).

  4. I love roadtrips! When my husband and I retire, we plan on buying an RV and travelling the country. So much to see and do. Have fun!



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