Sunday, March 6, 2011

30 Day Challenge: Day 19 - A Picture & A Letter

So for this challenge I decided to post the letter my grandfather wrote me befor he died and a photo of the two of us. My Grandaddy who died March 15, 2005 meant the world to me. He was the one persons whose opinion truly mattered and was someone whose respect I craved, and earned. He died my Freshman year of college and because of the cancer he had he realized his time was going to be short. Luckily for my brother and I my Grandaddy wrote a letter to my brother and I to be opened on the day of my College Graduation. Well I got my letter on May 23, 2008 (though technically I graduated in December 07 - I walked in 08).

This letter is something I cherish and love, and never fails to bring a tear to my eye. I knew this was going to be the letter I was going to share, I just had to get aound to doing it. I know I said it was in my attic - which is a lie. I keep it in a children't book my mother gave me for my college graduation which includes a letter from her. The book is "On the Night You Were Born." Anyways, I just can only look at the letter so often, and while my memories are fond the fact that he isn't here to see what I've accomplished and the life I'm leading still hurts.

So here it picture and letter.....Sorry that I didn't share the contents of the letter it's about three pages long and very personal.


  1. I was very close to my Grandfather as well. He passed away just over a year ago. He had cancer as well. I'm so happy that you have this momento from him though. You are a lucky girl.

  2. Thank yo Tracy! I do feel lucky that he thought to write letters to his three children and then his two grandchildren (my brother and I), it is something I will always cherish.



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