Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Wanderlust Wednesday - San Francisco Style!

In two weeks I'll be going here....for free
flying on this airline...for free.
and staying at a hotel here for free...

Now for this wanderlust Wednesday...who can give me suggestion for my San Fran trip? I know we're going to drive down to Pebble Beach for a day, Ride a cable car, do a tour of alcatraz (hopefully at night!) and I'm supposed to eat a hot fudge sundae at Gharidelli, what do you suggest I do?


  1. I suggested you hit alcatraz and it is on your list so that is the only the thing that I know of.

  2. I think the Jelly Belly factory is near there :)

  3. My mom went whale watching and rode a trolly when she went. She loved it!



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