Friday, May 20, 2011

Fill in the Blank Friday

1. People always tell me I look like Laura Prepron. Though I think that's just because I have red hair. When I was really young they told me Lindsay Lohan...but that was in the Parent Trap days. I don't think I really look like anyone...

2. Friends don't let friends drunk text.....wear something that looks bad....and friends don't let friends feel alone.

3. A sunny day is perfect for laying on a boat....drinking a few drinks.....and just having a good time with great friends.

4. My favorite accessory is my peace's long and antiquey silver..simple....and it's totally me.

5. If I could afford it I would travel the world...the whole world...with the people I love. There is nothing better than exploring the unkown and unfamiliar. .

6. The cure for boredom is to pick up a book. I love to read, I love to get lost in the written word.

7. I am currently "in like" with afternoons at the dog park, curling up with a good book on a lawn chair as the sun sets with a glass of wine, a certain person who is clueless, my students, rainbow food, and the smell of sunscreen.


  1. Nothing wrong with looking like Willow.

  2. I think we redheads don't get that "you look like" a lot -- we're just too stinkin' unique haha.
    I have the same answer for #5!

  3. Traveling the world would be ideal! Hope you have a great weekend.

    Stopping by from Lauren's blog :)



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