Sunday, July 31, 2011

Later I will post my entry about my impromptu road trip across the country.

But today, all I want is to mourn the loss of a friend. A friend who was more like a little brother, he was one of my mother's divers who she took under her wing and he would always tell me he was my little brother (he was 3 years younger), and I would always tell him that he got the annoying part of being a little brother right.

Well today, Danny was runover in a hit and run accident, in which later it was found out the man who hit him had been drinking. The reality of the fact is so many people drink and drive and the consequences are so extreme that why is it worth it?

Two lives were ruined, and many others were torn. We had Danny whose life was taken and the thirty year old man from the same town who happend to make the poor decision to drink and drive and then try to run.

Here's to Danny - someone who was always positive who always had a chuckle, big hug and positive word for me.Danny, you will be missed. You and your contaigious positivity will be missed.

Some of my favorite Dannyisms
"Turn that frown upside down :) life is too short.
"cheer up every day is a holiday, every meal a feast.

August 22, 1988- July 31, 2011
Rip Danny Byron

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  1. I'm so sorry for your loss, and the loss to the world. I hope justice is in the form of change.



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