Thursday, August 4, 2011

Have you ever been down to Colorado ? I spend a lot of time there in my mind. And if God doesn't live in Colo-rado, I'll bet that's where he spends most of his time."-Merle Haggard

Day 03- A travel destination that makes you happy.

Hmm...what travel destination DOESN'T make me happy? Traveling in general gets my blood flowing, my, energy up and puts a huge smile on my face. So what travel destination makes me happy? Upon lots of though and reflection I would have to say the travel destination that makes me most happy is, I typed that thinking the words would flow perfectly but they haven't. I guess the travel destination that makes me happy is Colorado. 

Colorado is a place that I love to go to summer or winter. I love to snowboard, I look cooler temperatures in the summer, I love to white water raft and I love strolling along the towns of Boulder and Breckenridge. There is something about the crisp, cool clean air in Colorado, the delicious beer, and the laid back atmosphere that causes me unequivocal joy.

Since I was about 16 years old I have traveled to Colorado about once or twice a year. I usually hit it up in the summer to white water raft, hike, drink and just enjoy the beautiful weather and once in the winter where I drink too much and snowboard too much and lay around the hot tub too much. Colorado is the perfect trip to do what I love to do. So if you'd like a destination that makes you happy check out Breckenridge or Boulder, Colorado.

Me super happy in Colorado!

Things to Do:
White Water Rafting - Go with AVA Guides ( I've rafted from a float trip to a class V, one of my favorite trips besides the Class V Numbers was the Brown's Canyon Full Day Adventure. If you go ask for Matt Webber or Bear and tell them the Singleton rescue crew sent you!

ATVing or Snowmobiling- Go with NOVA Guides ( they are awesome, and fun and are great at judging the needs of your party. I have snowmobiled and ATV'd with them and have never been disappointed. While I have not partaken in these activities NOVA also offers Dog Sledding, Jeeping, Cabin Rentals, Snow Cat Tours and White Water Rafting. Great friendly people! Go there bring them your business.

Check out the local festivals and farmer's markets. This summer we went to the Frisco BBQ festival and I had this pulled pork mararoni and grilled cheese sandwich. BEST SANDWICH EVER! Go out there and be creative with your culinary choices! Remember marijuana is legal out there or at the very least decriminalized, they know how to come up with off the wall ideas that are DELICIOUS!

GO HIKING! Get your butt up and get moving! Since being forced into early swimming retirement and having brain surgery I have become a bit lazy, but the views and the satisfaction you feel after hiking around some of the most beautiful places this country has to offer is completely worth it. As lazy, out of shape and sore as I am hiking in Colorado is a sincere must! Ask the locals for their favorite trails or if in a ski town take to the slopes and let the ski trails be your guide. No matter where you go make sure you wear sunscreen (you are super close to the sun there and much more likely to be burned!), carry plenty of water, wear comfortable sturdy shoes, and dress in light layers. 

Snowboarding/Skiing- Hit up Breckenridge, Keystone or Copper Mountain. Haven't been in awhile? Take a lesson! Group or private lessons are totally worth it! They refresh your brain and get you kicked into gear! Plus, when you take a lesson you get to butt the lift lines that can sometimes be a bit ridiculous!

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