Monday, August 1, 2011

Impromptu Road Trip!

So last about a week and a half ago I got a call from my best friend Lindsey, saying she was moving back East from Colorado. While I am terrible sad that she has to leave Colorado I am excited to have her home. So of course two days after I recieved the phonecall I flew up to COlorado to ride home with are a few of the photos. (Note some photos are out of order because whenever I add caption they reorder themselves...)

Iced-T get it...haha. @Illegal Pete's in Boulder.

I love this picture of us leaving Boulder.  With tbe bike route ending sign it's very symbolic of my trip and reason for being there.
wind turbines in Kansas...really the only thing in Kansas to get excited about except the castle shaped house and the dust tornado.

Boulder Beer after a tough afternoon of packing!
The adorable pup who most definitely did NOT want to be going on the road trip.

A Methodist Church (that is apparently famous) in Tulsa, Oklahoma...LOVE the architecture!
Flashback! Jawbreaker I bought in Ozark, Arknasas
Ozark, Arkansas (not pictured a puppy freaking out!)
I wish we were London bound...
Bill Clinton Presidential Library! (Anyone know why Elvis was there? Only place in Arkansas for a travelling exhibit?

In Bill Clinton's Cabinet!

I found it funny that Little Rock had a Presidential Holiday Inn with a Camp David Restaurant.

Delicious Beer in Hattiesburg, Mississippi -It was half Abita Purple Haze and half Southern Pecan...but all delicious!
Downtown Mobile, Alabama

Those are all the photos of my trip.I made it home safe and sound...and am now on my next adventure in Charleston and Myrtle Beach, South Carolina and soon to be Wilmington, North Carolina.

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