Friday, February 17, 2012

Fill in the Blank Friday!

I'm so over all of the lovey-doviness. But I LOVE Lauren @ so here ya go!

1.  The love of my life is   currently? My puppy buster!  .

2.   Falling in love is   is scary, and wonderful and something that should be savored.  .

3.  Marriage is   something I am not at all ready for. .

4. The longest relationship I've ever had was   I had a "lover" (bahaha my friends will love that one) for 4 1/2 years..

5. The key to a good relationship is  passion and understanding...and to make sure you don't lose yourself. .

6. I feel loved when   someone does something for me.   .

7.  My favorite quote about love is   "True love comes to those who wait."

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