Monday, February 20, 2012

Life's too short...


I realize this is odd. But for some reason TODAY, I realized that I am 26...and life is too short. So I'm going to tell you some things that life is too short for.

Life is to short too....

.....wear ugly underwear

....complain about time wasted (i.e. stuck in traffic).

....finish every book....if they are bad PUT THEM DOWN! (I'm trying to teach myself this). with people you don't enjoy.

....not do what you love. always be caught up on your laundry. not have any new adventures. always do the dishes right after your meal. always have a perfectly clean home.

...never misbehave. always remember to take off your nail polish as soon as it begins to chip. never make bad decisions. not laugh. not take advantage of spending time with your family and friends. not go for it. Change jobs, move, do something that makes you nervous. GO FOR IT.

Because life is too short.

What do you think Life is too short for? Bad Coffee? Doing Laundry!


  1. Between this and your post on It's okay Thursday about being thankful kids are in ISS and not finishing books, I just had to follow. My kids are all back from ISS/OSS tomorrow and I am not sure I am prepared for the wrath, but I get to wear jeans, so that's the highlight right?

    New follower!

  2. Totally a highlight! I cheated today and used the fact I had a water polo game as an excuse to wear jeans to work today! I"m such a rebel!



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