Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Oh Lazy Days....

So, I guess it was bound to happen....but today was a bad day. It's only 3:24pm...but I already wish today was over and I could go to bed.

Yesterday was a great day. Lindsey and Michele came to visit, I was picked-up and driven over to my Dad's for dinner, and Bo brought me video games.....but I may have over done it. I guess I'm not feeling as great as I thought I was! Today I woke up at 7:25pm to Buster wanting to come in and snuggle. I promptly woke up, peed, took a vicodin and went STRAIGHT back to bed. Obviously, today I am not feeling so well. I've been exhausted, achey, and in pain all day. I'm completely uncomfortable. I'm trying not to take tto much Vicodin.....I don't know why......maybe it's because I have a steady stream of visitors and am trying not to pass out on them. Anyways.

I think today/last night I had a few epiphanies. First, I think I'm going to have to move into my mom's house when my lease is up. I LOVE LOVE LOVE living in my own apartment. However, I think my medical bills are going to be sky high and I need to do the responsible thing and save money. I also have decided I am going to truely start pursuing grad school instead of talking about it. I know for sure I am going to apply to Simmons College in Boston, University of Colorado at Boulder, College of Charleston...and I am going to pick two other schools. Maybe University of Southern Mississippi because of their amazing Children's Lit professor...and I don't know what my 5th school will be. I'm still considering my options. I would love to go abroad but that's going to take a lot of research and thought before I figure out how to go about that. Ugh. Everything comes down to money it kind of drives me nuts. So, since I feel like crap I am going to go and leave you with one of my favorite travel photos. A photo I took.

This is from Edinburgh, Scottland. One of my favorite places on Earth. One of the best afternoons of my life happened in Edinburgh and involved me laying down on the grass in the park with some friends and just watching the world pass me by. I didn't worry about sight seeing or getting souviniers I just enjoyed the moment and everything this country had to offer. It's beautiful.

**Please ignore the grammar and spelling mistakes in the posts...I am under the influence of Vicodin after all!**

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