Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Awww things never smelled so good!

This past week has been interesting to say the least. If you consider the fact that this time a week ago I was in ICU...and now a week later I am sitting on my mom's couch watching Law & Order SVU reruns and waiting for my BFF to bring me lunch...things aren't too bad. But, I think I am getting ahead of myself.

To start off with Christmas was wonderful! Christmas Eve was a splendid affair at my mother's house surrounded by some of those I love best. My brother prepared an amazing Christmas Eve dinner that was literally mouth watering. His cream corn, prime rib, roast carrots (pictured) and sweetpotato turnip puree was AMAZING. I totally miss having him around and running around Whole Foods with him was a blast. I kept dropping the Chef word so people would see how utterly important my brother was. However, I am not sure they all appreciate my "chef-dropping."

Following, the utterly awesome Christmas Eve celebration at my mom's house (I got a corn hole board, blu ray Dvd player and CofC chirstmas ornaments to name a few!) we were able to move on over to the Bakers and then to Shots ARound the World. I was lucky enough to be the DD in charge of getting my brother and I back to our father's house. I was successful. However, my brother did at one point bite the top of my head, my cheek and kick a boy hard in the balls whose hurt my heart. Oh you've gotta love Christmas. When we left the party my brother told me in his utterly drunken cackle that he kicked him in the balls hard...for me...haha. God, I love my brother.

Christmas morning I woke up in my old bedroom....which is kinda weird. Because, it doesn't look like my old room any more....it's looks like my Grandma and Big John's room. Whatever, I was utterly confused when I awoke and was completely ready to open presents! I got a Wii...which according to everyone earned the reaction of the day! I completely shreiked! My brother who sat next to me was the center of attention with his drunken comments. :) Once again....I miss him. However, after opening presents, napping, eating a wonderful breakfast and going to see Sherlock Holmes it was a GREAT CHRISTMAS. However, the best news/part of Christmas was when Mandie and Ryan called and told me that I am going to be an AUNT! Umm can you tell I'm excited! Johnny's Indian food was amazing but I could barely taste it through my excitement!

Like I said, Christmas was great. I love my family, the Christmas party at the Stefek's the next night was amazing and I just feel soooo blessed. (That's my Dad, Susan, Johnny and I at the Stefek's).

However, on December 28th I had to have my brain surgery. Yikes. Let's just say waking up at 5:50am on Monday...I was terrified. But, things went well. I spoke with a anesthisologist named Dr. Stoner (very appropriate), and then I met my anesthisologist named Dr. Whiner. Dr. Whiner was in gator scrubs. YUCK! I commented on his scrubs being ugly or something, and he said "well don't you want the best?" and I responded (very wittingly of course) that "wouldn't the best be Alabama?" Ahaha. He had to smile at that...and honestly....that's really the last thing I remember.

THe next thing I remember is a nebulizer being shoved in my face because I wouldn't breathe and a man next to me in recovery screaming "KRYSTLE!" which apparently was also the name of his fiance while he attmped to break free of his bed. The man had just had hip=replacement surgery and was attempting to break free. The nurse later told me I just kept asking for ice and telling him to "shhh." The dude was interrupting my sleep!  Thus began my 6 days in ICU. Cathaters, IVs, Blood drawings, Drugs, pain, etc.

Honestly, things haven't been that bad. My head constantly hurts...and I get random shooting pains. But, I honestly thought it would be worse...and morphine worked well in the hospital and vicodin is keeping me sane at home! I am now home, and happy. I can't wait to go back to work...though at the same time...I can wait...and will wait. I don't think you can teach on vicodin!

But the thing that has really made the 6 days in the hospital and the very boring still days at home bareable have been my friends and family. I truely did not expect to have so many visitors! Mom, Dad, Johnny, Susan, John, Grandma, Big John, Chase, Casey, Mandie, Jessie, Alex, Yasmin, Naomi, Miss Siggins, Jamie, Jordan, Cory, MIchele, Johnny J, Jeff, JessieTroy, Nettye, John, The Associate Pastor from Church, Melissa and a few others all came to the hospital! And Since I've been home Bo, Megan, Carla, Jeff, Cory, Dad.  Carolyn, Ailsworth and a few other friends from school called/texted me daily!

Shannon and Michele along with my Mom, Dad, John and grandparents came and saw me EVERYDAY. Michele sat with me the most. In fact, Shannon is back at school and I miss her! Lindsey is coming today! And Sarah and Thomas along with others have sent me flowers and brought me presents! Im just incredibly blessed. Yeah I had a brain tumor...and a mucus cyst, a deviated septum and who knows what else....but it's all fixed I'm alive...I only had to spend 6 days in ICU and I found out how many people truely care.

Well, Lindsey and Michele are coming to see me now. So I better wrap up. I just want everyone to know I am lucky. I am going to try to write everyday. Maybe, I'll think of something better to write about...maybe I'll come up with something to write about constantly......Hmmm stay tuned.

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  1. Glad your better...and boo I missed Johnny again! :(



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