Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I have 47 days, and yesterday ain’t one.

    So my countdown has officially crawled to 47 days. It seems like just yesterday it was at 48, oh wait…it was. I have been scouring the net looking at anything Amsterdam, Paris, Brussels or London related and I stumbled across this article in the Washington Post I want to do EVERYTHING on this list. Granted, I am poor so I have to savor every luxury I can…but hot chocolate at Angelinas? Check! Lipstick from Chanel….Check! Magnums of Champagne…..CHECK, CHECK!!
    I just tried to enter pictures once again into my blog from my Microsoft word program and it doesn't work! I had pictures for my past few blogs and of course a picture of a magnum of champagne and maybe a picture of a person passed out with a magnum of champagne.

Anyways, I would like to introduce you to my travel companions and a few of the best friends a girl could ever ask for.

Travel Companion #1 – Linz. Linz and I traveled together to London at the conclusion of our sophomore year of College in May 2006. It was my first trip abroad and her first trip abroad without parental supervision (and maybe her only?). Linz and I have been best friends for as long as I can remember and is probably the person I can rely on most…and is probably the person I have the most fun with. (Lindsey and I Halloween 2010!).

Travel Companion #2- Mel, Mel and I have known each other since we were two, and fought with each other, and then have been best friends since high school. Mel is probably the most level headed of the group and the only one in a relationship! Mel, while the most serious and the most responsible of the group is always ready to giggle, drink and have a great time! (Melissa and I on our annual Fab 4 Vacation Summer 2005).

Travel Companion #3- Rachel, oh Miss Rachel. Rachel is someone who I read stories too when she was a girl and who I've enjoyed being around forever. I didn't truly start spending time with Rachel again until 2007, but she is a blast. We always have fun and we're kindred souls especially when it comes to the male variety. I can definitely count on her to have a blast in every city. Amsterdam here we come! (Rachel and I at WDW November 2010).
Travel Companion #4 – Jamie. Jamie, Jamie, Jamie. Jamie has been a good friend of mine since freshman year of high school on the swim team and has been someone I can count on ever since. Jamie has the most ridiculous laugh, is an amazing bartender and is always there for me. Powder Puff 2007 anyone? (This photo is us in Charleston on Halloween in 2005).

47 DAYS!


  1. My favorite museum was the Musée de l'Orangerie. Gorgeous Monets that circle half a room.

    The Tuileries Gardens near the Louvre are gorgeous. Not sure what they'll be like in January.

    I hope you all find a great sidewalk cafe and sit out front and drink a lot of wine for me!

  2. Part of the post is missing? Here's what was left out:

    While in Paris you all also have to go to Ladurée on the Champs-Élysées. Incredible chocolates and macarons.

  3. I forgot Amsterdam! You'll want to check out the coffee shop across from the Oude Kerk "Old Church." There are picnic tables out front. :)

    Definitely stop by the Van Gogh museum and rent bikes to ride through Vondelpark.

    There's a really cool reflecting pool and green space near the museums (Rijksmuseum and Van Gogh) called the Museumplein. Cool place to get a beer while you rest your feet.

  4. Kristen! I've been to Paris but I love the recommendations! I missed d' Le Orangerie due to the Tour De France last time. SO I AM STOKED! I loooove Monet!



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