Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Chronic Over-packer….over-thinker…over-sharer….

    So the past few days I have been marveling at the fact that we have successfully planned a 10 day trip to Europe for fewer than 1500 dollars. Granted, this does not include food, drinks, museums or transportation (other than trains) or anything else we may decide to amuse ourselves with. However, I have been very proud and excited at out less than 1500.00 trip! However, today I spent 150.00 on things I need for the trip and I still have no idea how I am going to pack. I am not a backpacker, and I have bad shoulders and we are stealing in real hotels for more than one night every time (minus Brussels), and I do not think my suitcase will be a hindrance. However, my suitcase wheels are broken! Ugh! Do I buy a new suitcase? What size should I buy? Any suggestions out there? Can someone help this chronic wander luster who is a chronic over packer with her issue?

    The funny thing is, is I still am trying to decide what to bring! What should I wear on New Year's Eve? I of course want to look cute, and I of course want to sneak a kiss from a cute cultured European boy at midnight (right Linz)…and I of course want my feet to be comfy. HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO ACCOMPLISH ALL OF THIS? Moreover, how are Lindsey and Rachel planning on accomplishing all of this in a single backpack? It's mind boggling. I do know I have purchased a black trench coat, a black & gray pair of Ugg-type boots and a pair of leggings. I believe I am going to convince my mother to sew me a wool skirt of some sort. However, I feel like one of my friends may be doing this? So should I look into a dress? Any suggestions out there for the chronic worrier on how to look hott on New Year's Eve without having to worry about frostbite? Or pain? I know layering is key…but geeze almighty…how do you plan on layering constantly and then plan on fitting everything into a backpack?

    Are any of you exhausted yet from my train of thought? Because I am. You know how Kermit always says it ain't easy being green? Well It's not easy being me! Anyone out there who happens to stumble across my rant and have some suggestions, or anyone out there who knows me, loves me and is willing to help me….well I'll love you forever and always. Oh and keep in mind that I am from Florida…I feel like that may be important when discussing winter clothing.




  1. Krystle,

    I'm so excited for you all! Jealous for sure! I'm going to live vicariously through you so here are my thoughts:

    My take on New Years in the cold: Leggings/tights and boots are a must. I would go for the wool skirt or sweater dress. (I wore a white sweater dress with black tights and boots for New Years in Steamboat last year with big sparkly earrings) If you do the skirt, you can wear a sparkly top that can peak out of your coat when outside and look fab inside restaurants/bars. Even if one of the other girls is doing a wool skirt, so long as you have different tops- no big deal. You could also get a sparkly scarf if you're going to be outside a lot.

    Since your budget is an issue, don't buy a new suitcase- but definitely borrow one! You don't want to drag a suitcase around with broken wheels across Western Europe. I'm sure you or one of your travel mates knows someone with extra suitcases! I would recommend that you only take a carry-on size if you can (MUCH easier on trains and won't get lost. Matt and I got to Amsterdam with no bags for about 24 hours- not the best way to start the trip. But really who cares when you're in Amsterdam!)

    It's amazing how much you can fit in a carry on suitcase. Roll your clothes- they'll fit better and won't wrinkle. Wear your boots and coat on the plane (no need for them to take up precious space). Don't pack a hair dryer, they'll have them in the hotels. Pack stuff you can wear over and over- jeans and dark colors. ;-) Make the outfits "different" with colorful scarves. Don't bother with toiletries that the hotel will have (or that the other girls will have..coordinate some of that).

    That's a start. I'll keep thinking and let you know if I come up with anything else. <3, Kristin

  2. You are awesome! I'll never blow dry my hair anways! lol. Don't you love my random rants?



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