Thursday, November 18, 2010

Oh how far 3 years will take you.

So recently I was searching around my computer and my old blog/notebooks and I discovered my Bucket list. WHICH IS EXTENSIVE. I made this bucket list on December 9th, 2007. That's just about 3 years ago. I'm going to post the list here, and of course pepper it with comments.


  1. Travel to all 7 continents - Okay so I've been to two out of seven, and I really doubt a trip to Antarctica is in my future….so I'm going to personally add in that I'd be fine with six!
  2. Complete my book list. – I really need to look into the booklist to see if I have made any progress…
  3. White Water Raft in Argentina, The Grand Canyon or Switzerland – still working on this!
  4. Learn to Sail – Damnit, why didn't I take advantage of CofC's sailing courses?
  5. Cruise the World- Hmm maybe I can knock of number 1 & 5 in one swoop?
  6. Take a cooking/baking class. – Haven't done this…unless you count a lesson from my brother…but I am dying too!
  7. Write a novel – hmm…I've started one?
  8. Write a poem – CHECK!
  9. White a song – Does this mean I need to learn how to write music? Or are just lyrics okay?
  10. Blog/Keep a diary for one whole year. Well, I'm currently working on this one!
  11. Watch all the movies on my list – once again have to find that list…but Netflix has surely helped me do this!
  12. Visit the 7 wonders of the ancient & modern world (haven't visited the ancient wonders…I need to get to Greece, Egypt, Turkey, etc., if you count the Grand Canyon as one of the wonders I've seen one….).
  13. Live in Colorado – Give me two years!
  14. Attend a concert at Red Rock – still haven't L
  15. See Jimmy Buffett (Hmm maybe at Red Rock!)
  16. Live in the UK- My friends claim that maybe my study abroad experience should count…but I was there for 5 weeks…IDK if that counts…
  17. Join a Big Sister Program – I feel like being a teacher is a giant Big Sister Program. (Editor's note: I was not a teacher when I wrote this list).
  18. Learn sign language – I know the alphabet…
  19. Earn my PhD (which implies that I must first get my masters).
  20. Float/Tube down a river in a foreign country.
  21. Attend the Super Bowl, World Series, March Maddness, MCAA Football, NBA Finals, Winter & Summer Olympics (I attended the only finals game the Orlando Magic won!)
  22. Discover my favorite things in life – I've got this…..good friends, my family, red wine, ice cream, books and travelling.
  23. Write a passionate letter to the editor. – Hmm I need to get on this…
  24. Drink around the world at Epcot – CHECK!!!!!
  25. Participate in a peaceful demonstration/protest.
  26. Teach/Take an HP Class – uggh CofC way to offer the class now!
  27. No Soda for 1 month.
  28. No TV for 1 month (I really don't want to do this).
  29. Have two dogs!
  30. Plant a flower or vegetable garden.
  31. Ring in New Year's Eve in a mega city either NyC,, Boston, London or Paris. (I'm GOING TO BE IN PARIS FOR NEW YEARS…so CHECK!)
  32. Learn a musical instrument.
  33. Join a master's swim team. …well I'm swimming 4 days a week…maybe a master's team is next!
  34. Dress up for Halloween every year (okay this is ridiculous…but I do dress up for Halloween, and it does not belong on a bucket list).
  35. Go to a vineyard in Italy, France or Napa Valley.
  36. Inspire Someone.
  37. Work on a political campaign.
  38. Join a Book Club.
  39. Learn to Wind Surf.
  40. Get Married.
  41. Live somewhere where I can walk everywhere.
  42. Recycle – consistently.
  43. Stay in the NYC Library Hotel.
  44. Attend the US Olympic Swim Trials!
  45. Coach a Swim Team (CHECK…and even won a Conference Title!).


    So that's my ridiculous list…I have a few other things I'd like to add….but that's for another day.

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