Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Lights, Cameras, TRAVEL!

Every morning I get to my classroom about 70 minutes before the day begins. Usually, I am set-up for the next day and all I do is just sit in my room and collect myself. I check out a few of my fellow bloggers, catch up on emails from the afternoon before and click around my MSN homepage or Lonely Planet emails to see what may intrigue me. Today was no different and I stumbled across this link ( and it brought me to a countdown of the sparkliest, most beautiful holiday lights in the world. This of course excited me as not only did the headline catch my attention but the picture as well!

That's PARIS! I'm going there!
I have always been a sucker for Christmas lights (who isn't?!) and I guess it shouldn't have shocked me that Paris made the list but it did!!! I can't wait to stroll through Paris and take in the twinkly Christmas lights. Granted, it won't be like it was when I was a kid riding around in the car with my parents oohing and ahhing over every house! But, I also never came across Champs-Elysses!!!

According to the information I read during the holidays they illuminate more than 400 trees with 1 million energy-saving lights and it alls adds up to the Champs-Elysses (which is where everyone says is the place to be in Paris when the clock strikes midnight!). The little tidbit goes on to explain that window-shopping in Paris during the holidays is a must-see for locals and visitors. Lord knows this girl will have to window shop because she won't be able to afford to do any other kind!

Anyways, another surprise that made the list is BRUSSELS!

I did not even entertain the though that Brussels would make the list! But look at the photo it's beautiful! This is a photo of the Gothic Brussels Town Hall which was built in the early 1400s. Apparently each holiday season  they light it up for all to see. Apparently each night the area in front of the Town Hall, known as the Grand Palace or town square is filled with people because there is a evening sounds-and-light show that illuminates the whole building. Umm, hello, an awesome light show that happens to take place for FREE while we're in Brussels. I am crossing my fingers that it will still be going on January 2nd when we arrive! I'm dying, dying, dying to see this!

Until I leave for Europe I'll be trolling around Kissimmee/Orlando looking for beautiful holiday lights to kind of curb my craving for these! Anyone have any awesome holiday light secrets? Care to share?

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