Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Wanderlust Wednesday

Today is Wanderlust Wednesday and for the first time in a long time I am semi-stumped. Not because there aren't a million places in the world I want to travel too but mostly because the trips I am planning all are places I've been before. How many times can I tell you guys about Charleston, Colorado or Arizona before you want to shove me out the window?

Anyways, I do have the dates set for the Colorado part of my trip....and by the dates being set...I mean that I know when I'll be arriving on June 17th....and I'll be staying at Valdoro Mountain Lodge!! The Valdoro Mountain Lodge is a rather pricey (and worth it!) place to stay but for cheaper options you can check out The Great Divide Lodge (

The Valdoro Mountain Lodge is nestled into the base of the mountains in Breckenridge, Colorado. Breckenridge is approximated 87 miles West of Denver, Colorado and offers some of the best skiing/snowboarding in the Winter and is an ideal location in the summer. In fact the slogan of Breckenridge is "A Real Town with Unreal Skiing." Whether you visit in the summer and rent bikes to bike around the small town, or you are there in the winter to ski there is always something to do.

Some of the best stops in Breckenridge include Downstairs at Eric's( - Where everywhere else just sucks! It's a great sports bar with amazing food that is ideal for both singles, families and the alike! My personal favorite is their grilled cheese with soup in the winter but I would be amiss if I didn't mention their amazing pizza and the simple fact that I have never had anything bad there. Plus, in a town where finding your favorite game on tv may be difficult Eric's is always willing and able to put your game on!

This year I am also going to attempt to not Kayak. I've been white water rafting in Colorado plenty of times and have done everything from a Class I to a Class V, but this year I want to attempt Kayaking. We'll see how it goes! Kayak Park ( is free to all and accommodates everyone from beginners to experts (think...those who belong on the bunny trail to the black diamonds). However, those who are bunny kayakers (like me!) might want to take a short drive out to Lake Dillon and test their skills there! You cannot rent kayaks at the Kayak Park but there are plenty of places near by that rent Kayaks. In fact if you're interested in biking (or attempting the bike ridge from Breck to Vail (no thank you!). You can usually find a Kayak and a bike in the same place!

After Kayaking a must is to hit up a Brewery or Pub! There is a Marina Bar on Lake Dillon ( that offers amazing specialty drinks and a great locale! Just don't worry about sharing your seat with an oversized puppy, as Dogs are more than welcome. However, if it's an actually brewery you want Breckenridge Brewery ( I recommend Agave Wheat or Oatmeal Stout and countless other breweries in nearby Frisco or Dillon are absolutely to die for! Locals are usually great about offering advice and being friendly so don't be afraid to ask questions or to belly up to a bar!

Also, last but not least is Mary's Mountain Cookies ( These cookies are to DIE for! In fact after my brain surgery last year my aunt over nighted me some to cheer me up and I believe they are the reason I recovered so quickly! But, seriously, these cookies are absolutely delicious and huge (1/4 pound!!!!!)! While I would suggest sharing one no one would judge you if you kept it all to yourself! You can get a variety of flavors as well as an ice cream sandwich stuffed with delicious creamy super sweet frosting. Another extra guilty and amazing option is the raw cookie dough! That's right you can just buy a souffle cup of raw cookie dough!

I realize this is a cluster of information about Breckenridge that skips from topic-to-topic and may or may not be of help. But I hope that you like me get a chance to experience the wonderful world of Breckenridge!

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  1. I came on over after seeing your post on Average Girl's blog. I wish I had the chance to travel more in life. Maybe I can live vicariously through you :)

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