Thursday, March 10, 2011

Day 23- A Picture of your favorite book.

Okay...let's be honest....we ALL know I am a book nerd. I read non-stop. So honestly, I am going to list more than one, and you're going to be okay with it.

Okay- I am an HP nerd, and I am not afraid to admit it! Ever since my 8th grade English teacher put a poster on her wall of the cover the first book I knew I had to read it and I knew I would love it. I love Harry Potter, I love the symbolism, the allusions and the magic. I am a total fan, and if all books for kids were written this well I believe literacy would be at an all time high.

This is the first piece of "classical lit" I fell in love with. The symbolism, the love and the mystery makes this a book I can read over and over and over again.

The Geography of Bliss - is absolutely amazing. This book took the wanderluster in me and set it ON FIRE. I can reread this book and it's a total study in what makes people happy. This book is one of a kind.
This is Return of the Native- it's amazing and kinda crazy. It's the first book that's made me go a bit outside the box.
I love Atticus. I love Scout. I love Boo Radley. I love this novel.
This novel is all about growing up, and it's wanderful, insane and an absolute joy.



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