Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Seriously? Our country really had to put so much pressure on our President that he felt the need to release his birth certificate? I can not believe that people are so racist and so ignorant to believe that he was faking his US birth. I have so much to say on this...but I feel like I'm just too annoyed right now.

I hope those who doubted feel like idiots.....and will stop letting their personal prejudices get in the way of their uneducated beliefs.


  1. I agree with one thing you said. The ignorant part I agree with, the racist part I do not. It is not racist to question someone.

  2. What about the fact they are not questioning his college transcripts? If he was some white guy with a funky European name with the same story I doubt anyone would bat an eye. I do feel like a huge chunk of the motive is race related. Never before have we questioned a President like this.



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