Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Wanderlust Wednesday

I am applying for a job to be a tour guide in London during the 2012 Olympics....which is where my wanderlust brain is today....and this is the bio I am working on. I probably sound a bit crazy...please don't judge me :) The bio also has a picture of me in a pool, my dad and I at a Tampa Bay Bucs Game, me at last nights Magic game, my friend Rachel and I pretending to be Pirates at Disney and a picture of my friends and I in front of Buckingham Palace. :)

Hi! My name is Krystle and I am a twenty-five year old sports-loving wanderluster from Kissimmee, Florida, USA. I currently work as a swim coach and English teacher. Being a teacher and a coach has taught me how to give instructions, share information while being at the same time patient and authoritative. Both a tour guide and a teacher need to know how to give directions, how to command attention, and how to know when to move on, when you’re not pleasing your audience. When I’m not teaching or coaching I am constantly planning my next vacation. Already this year I have traveled to London, Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam, San Francisco, and Charleston, South Carolina. I also have plans to travel to Wisconsin, Colorado, Arizona, and Indiana. Traveling is my passion and sharing that passion with others would thrill me.
My interest in traveling began when I took a travel writing class at the College of Charleston. While listening to my fellow students recount their tales of travels abroad, I knew that I needed to plan my first trip abroad and quickly; it was then that I not only agreed to go with my friend to London, but I also signed up to study abroad in London. My travel writing class ended and the next thing I knew I was enrolled in a tour writing class, during which we were instructed in how to create our own tour, how to personalize it to certain demographics and interests, as well how to budget. This by no means makes me an expert but it planted a seed which made me want to further explore being a travel guide.  As you can see, my bio revolves around traveling because that is where my interest lies, and my love for traveling began in good ol’ London, England. I am a self-proclaimed anglophile.
In addition to being passionate about traveling, I am a huge fan of sports, and the summer Olympics are my favorite! I watch and record every event but am particular passionate about the sport of swimming. I was Division I college swimmer and now a coach who knows pretty much EVERYTHING about the sport. Swimming competitively for ten years taught me how to lead a team and work together to  achieve a common goal, as well as taught me to be accountable for my own actions. Swimming is unique in that it is an individual sport that forces you to be 100% accountable while also enforcing the importance of teamwork and how together you can build champions. But, in addition to swimming I am an avid sports fan and enjoy watching and cheering on every sport imaginable.
But what do you really need to know? I am an energetic person who has never met a stranger and has a knack for getting along with people. I am a great teammate, but am also comfortable in taking on leadership roles. I am compassionate, excited about life and am always looking for an adventure. I am an extremely hard worker who isn’t afraid of functioning on a little bit of sleep and a lot of elbow grease.
I am the girl who accidentally popped up in the middle of the Tour de France and decided to sit down and watch the race, because I think life is more enjoyable when you stumble upon opportunity and seek adventure. I sincerely hope you will consider me, Krystle, for the job of Tour Guide during the 2012 London Olympicch

“The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically... Intelligence plus character - that is the goal of true education.” - Martin Luther King, Jr.


  1. That would be cool as hell if you get that job.

  2. Uh, I will request you as my tour guide when I'm there in 2012 for the Olympics!! How amazing!!!



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