Friday, August 19, 2011

As you have noticed lately I have been blah, I have been whiny...I have not been my usual bubbly, happy-go-lucky self.

Today that is going to change.

Last night was a wonderful rejuvenation of my soul.

To start with I had a fabulous Open House. I had around 50 parents and future students come in to meet and greet me. In addition to that I had about twenty former students stop by to say hello and to shoot the breeze.

Old students coming back to visit really and truly light up my life. I love when they come back to visit because that usually means I've made some sort of positive impact, and while teaching is my job. Impacting students in a positive way is my passion.

After my gloriously successful Open House, I met up with my best friend and Mom to visit another bestie and have dinner and drinks. This was also soul cleansing. I laughed a lot, I smiled a lot, and I just was able to be myself, and to unwind.

Following that whirlwind dinner I went home. No, not to where I live. I went to my childhood home. I watched the Steelers with my Dad, and then chitchatted with him and my Step-Mom while I watched my niece sleep (she came in sleeping and never woke up!).

I then spent the night in the room I grew up in. No it doesn't look the same as when I live there, but it is still my room. The only proof that it was my room is the drawer full of Speedos (ohhh Speedos) and the cabinet full of Disney Books. It's sometimes bittersweet being in that room. It was my room from first grade until a year after I graduated college (SO approximately 1991-2008), and I love it. I love the big window. I love the window seat and giant bookcase wall. I love the view of the old oak. I love my old room.

Moving on the last reason for my fabulous good mood is this:

 I spent the morning with Ms. Cambre playing and eating Breakfast, she was definitely a highlight! Let's just say when I told her I had to go to work and she needed to say bye bye. She came over to me where I was sitting cross-legged on the floor and she sat in my lap facing me and gave me the biggest hug ever. This little girl is the sweetest thing ever and one I am proud to call my niece (notice her shirt says my Aunt is my BFF!). Cambre really helped shake my funk and for that I am entirely grateful!

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