Saturday, August 6, 2011

Letting go of the places and spaces

Day 05- A Travel Destination that reminds you of someone.

Having a great time at FSU! Partying before the UF vs. FSU game 2008
So, I feel like I'm being ballsy when I write this post. But, at the same time I feel safe. I feel safe because I know that barely anyone reads my blog, so therefore many people won't even read it, and then they won't know.

A travel destination that reminds me of someone is Tallahassee, Florida. Most notably Florida State University. Going to Tallahassee reminds me of a boy, a boy who was a best friend and then turned into more than a friend, and now we're back to being friends. We're not best friends like we were before our nearly 4 year FWB situation but we're friends nonetheless. Unfortunately during part of that period he was with somebody else, but nonetheless Tallahassee, FL reminds me of this boy.

shotgunning before the Wisconsin FSU Bowl Game January 2009

In Tallahassee, I would drink too much, play too much, dance too much, and have too much fun. I would also experience mood swings too much! In Tallahassee nothing is better than a Florida State Football Game or cheering on someone you care about at their Florida State baseball game. In Tallahassee there is nothing better than Bullwinkle's where you can get $5.00 liquor pitchers and dance to Eden's Fill all night. Not to mention you can see the super Phallic Florida Capital,and the beautiful Florida State Campus.

Florida State University
The Cock and Balls - the Capital Building.
When at Florida State you must order Jimmy John's and
 catch a ride on the Night Nole. In Tallahassee I have more good memories than bad, but the fact remains in Tallahassee...I am reminded of someone...

Night out @ AJ's!
Florida Vs Florida State November 2008 (At Bullwinkles!)

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