Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Why can't we be friends?

Have you ever sat in a room....surrounded by people who love you....and just REALLY looked at them?

Really listened to them?

Tonight I had dinner with my Grandma Marcy, a family friend Jim (it was his 92nd Bday), my aunt, my uncle, my mom and my step-father...and I listened.

I am so different.

I am liberal. I truly believe I do not know everything.

I ask a question and I listen for the answer.

I don't claim to be things I am not.

I'm tired of being labeled as wrong because I am not ignorant to the fact that there is still racism in America.

I'm tired of being shut down and told I don't have any real world experince because I teach and am in a classroom.

I'm tired of hearing people constantly bitch about the economy and government spending and the president.

I'm tired of hearing people refuse to want to pay taxes.

I am concerned about my future, my students future and my present.

I do believe we all want the best for this country and if we all had a bit more positivity, if we all listened more and talked a lot less we would find more solutions.

I wish people would see that this isn't our President's fault. It's not a liberal or conservative problem.

It's a problem of not listening, if not being willing to work with one another.

How do we expect our students, children and the people around us to work together, share ideas and learn if us as adults cannot do that.

When are we going to stop playing the blame game and start taking some responsibility?

I am so frustrated.

1 comment:

  1. Seriously. All the negativity isn't fixing our issues, nor is the refusal to be introspective as a people (or as individuals). Frustrating.



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