Friday, September 16, 2011

Friday's iPhone Photo Upload

with my brother and step sister on our way out for a night at the Lodge!

Hard to see but that's the three pups watching football with me :). Bowser, Buster, Skeeter and I!

Brunch on Sunday with the BFF. I miss her :(.

Bowser showing everyone he's king of the ottoman.

awful orb (or ghost?). Buster hanging out on the to the burnt plastic oven rack...
WHO stores plastic in an oven?

Bowser getting it with Dixie Belle. I just love how she's looking back like uhh what...and it's doggie style! Bahaha I found it funny. I apologize if the puppy porn offends you!

My brother watching football...notice bowser all curled up in his lap.

my shared Shock Top Pitcher with my brother at Beef O'Brady's Trivia (where I host!)

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