Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Wanderlust Wednesday - Camden Town Edition.

Where do you go when you day dream? A quaint European city? A beautiful island? The mountains? Wanderlust Wednesday gives you the opportunity to drift off to where ever your heart desires...

Okay, so life lately has been a bit hellish. I've been working essentially every day from 5:30am-7:30pm...most of the time even later than that if you count grading papers, and the over night swim trips. So, it is fair to say that a vacation has been on my mind. But more than a vacation a move.
With that being said this colder weather has left me longing for London. The above picture isn't that glamorous or exciting but it's from my trip to London and my Camden Town excursion. Today I'm dreaming of a Camden Town lifestyle. The kind of lifestyle where everyone is themselves and no one cares what other thinks. Where you can buy authentic homemade amazing art on one street and original doc martens (photo of The Boot Company above) on the next. Where you can wander the famous Camden Stall's Market and see where the Clash lived and played.
Where creeping up on Dylan Thomas's house, The Clash's stomping grounds, Amy Winehouses's home or Europe MTV isn't even odd it's part of the experience.  If you're lucky enough to hit up Camden Town make sure you go at all times. Sunday is the busiest day, and not all booths are opened on week days. Make sure when you go you take in the surroundings....and check out the people. Check out the vibe. Music is alive and well in Camden Town so when you go bring your own soundtrack. Listen to music, bop along as you shift through the wares and haggle over prices.
Record stores are the gem's of Camden Town....go see what you can find.
This is what I'm dreaming of today. This is where my wanderlust is taking a neighborhood in one of my favorite cities...with my headphones in and my own personal soundtrack playing...because as The Clash famously sang "London's Calling."

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