Wednesday, November 9, 2011

How could we let this happen?

Yes, I say we. Because, we're all guilty of letting things slide when they shouldn't. But something of this magnitude? We also are all guilty of worshiping our football programs in a way that make us blind to the truth and make them desperate to seem perfect (I know I worship my teams!). But I am sickened.

I have read sooo many articles on the Joe Paterno football scandal. So many articles that have tried to justify what I feel, and I am going to include my three favorite below.

However, this must be said. While, Joe Paterno, supposedly legally did his duty be reporting it to a superior as a human being he fell short. Anyone who defends his actions is more worried about themselves then about protecting innocent children.  It is selfish  to think any other way.  My step=father made claims that Joe Paterno did what was right, eh didn't witness it he did his job and nothing else matters. I call that bullshit. He is a coach, someone who is supposed to teach and protect children. He failed miserably.

That's all I am going to say.
I love Whitlock's article for his call to action, (,

I love how Bryant's demand to focus on the children (

and I love Weinreb's pure raw, emotional, heartbreak which is displayed in his article Growing Up Penn State ( . This article shows how deep this scandal goes and the heartbreak that goes along with watching our heroes fall, or those we list up fail. This is the article in which my heart truly breaks, its like discovering Santa Clause isn't real all over again. This article displays the emotional side of a fan coming to grips with what is going on.

This is all disturbing, sad, and completely shocking. We hear tales everyday of people failing to step up or do what's write. But, Joe Paterno is the so called 'maker of men," his job as a coach wasn't only to win football games but was to shape and mold the character....and his lack of action speaks volumes. I am disgusted by this scandal, and by what was allowed to take place simply because of trying to project a University. Exposing a scandal like this would have done them more good than harm.

If anything good is to come out of this, it's to may encourage people to speak up, step up and man up.

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