Friday, December 16, 2011

Traveler's Gift Giving Guide: Kids/Baby/Toddler Edition

Everyone knows that travelers are the best.

We have adventures to to show, and if you're super awesome souvenirs for those left at home.

When it comes time for the Holiday's the pressure to deliver is high.

So this is my Gift Guide to give from the traveler to the people you love!

For Children (Babies, Toddlers and Kids!):

This is London by M. SasekThis is Paris by M. SasekThis is Edinburgh by M. Sasek

1.This is the time when they are getting smothered in toys! What better way to stand out an make an impact then by building up their library? This is London, This is Paris and This is Edinburgh are children's books that act as guidebooks to major cities.Building a child's library can be expensive and time consuming so why not start when they are young with books like this? You can also include popular series like Madeline where a foreign country is emphasized. Who knows maybe your niece, nephew or child will begin their own journey of wanderlust! (All the above books were found and purchased from

2. Their very first backpack! My niece is 18 months old and it's time for her to begin her own adventures! She's obsessed with Elmo so I made sure to order this too cute Elmo Backpack for her from

3. It's never too early for a little girl to start dreaming about Paris! I got my nieces this matching set for Christmas. Aunt Krystle has been to Paris twice, once while they've been alive and soon to be a third! Cute outfits and set like this already make them feel like a jet setter!

.4. Trunkies! This is a new craze that is taking the world by storm! This toy is made for children ages 3 and older and is a rolling suitcase...equipped with toys...and room to pack. It also is made so children can sit on it and ride! How convient is that for parents? Not only will it encourage the little ones in your life to pack up and go it might inspire their parents!

5. This is one of my favorite gifts, and one I can't wait to give my nieces in a few years!, is a subscription based gift where your kids are given a chance to follow to kids around the world. On their adventures they'll learn Geography see foreign sites and get a package in the mail once a month. In fact I'm thinking of even signing myself up!

6. How cute are these camera's from Pottery Barn kids? These camera's are decorative, beautiful and a great way to encourage a student to capture their own adventures?

Okay die hard travelers or parents? Anything I missed?

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