Friday, February 10, 2012

Behold the Slutty Brownie

This past weekend I was in South Carolina for the Super Bowl. I had to jet up to Myrtle Beach pretty quickly on Thursday, because my Grandfather had a stroke...he's doing great and is even leaving the rehab center today! This is amazing considering he doesn't even remember us being at the hospital. But, I'm just glad he's doing great.

Anyways, back to Super Bowl Sunday! My brother is a chef...and is an AMAZING chef. He works at the Glass Onion in Charleston, and it's safe to say that cooking for him and around him, leaves you feeling nervous. So while he was experimenting with Buffalo Cupcakes with bluecheese buttercream frosting (I have to admit I was not a fan of that flavor pallet...though it was interesting, and other's loved it). I decided to go the opposite of fancy foods. I went with a recipe I found on Pinterest and decided to make slutty brownies....this is the turducken of deserts. A layer of chocolate chip cookie, a layer of oreos and a layer of brownies all baked together into one mouth-watering dessert.

I suggest you go out and try it. I'm even on WeightWatchers (still lost this week even with the brownie) and managed to splurge! Go make these. Do not walk, do not hem and haw...RUN out and make these. I know I am not the only person jumping on the slutty brownie bandwagon, in fact I ran into a girl in the grocery store and we were BOTH making them! So jump on the slutty brownie bandwagon and do will not regret it.

 In a 13x9 pan make a layer of cookie dough (I did homemade..but if you do store bought you two of the tubes) Then one layer of double stuffed oreo's that cover the entire pan. I used regular double-stuffed but I may try peanutbutter next time!.

Pour double-fudge brownie batter over top. I noticed it was hard to make sure you covered everything so be careful when pouring into the holes, you don't want to leave the oreo's exposed!

Fresh out of the oven...based for 30 minutes at 350.

Behold the delicious slutty brownie.

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