Wednesday, February 22, 2012


On's homepage they have a section dedicated to loooooove (! and some studies you should be aware of!

Breaking it down this is what I have learned.

1. Cheating can kill. Okay, maybe not really. But 1% of  of people who died of a sudden heart attack did so while h aving sex. And out of those people who suffered a life-ending heart attack during sex, 82-93% of them were male (not the surprising part) and 75% were involved in an extramarital affair. Now, this is 72% of the one percent....but it seems like if you're going to have a heart attack during likely is going to be with someone you are being unfaithful with (aka the other man/woman) AND then you're going to get caught and you're going to die, and people are going to not remember you so kindly. :).

2.Men behave better around attractive women. This isn't shocking. How many times have we seen the movie where the guy puts on his best behavior and changes his ways to win over a girl? Millions. What is interesting is a woman's behavior doesn't change based on the proximity of gorgeous males. So, the prettier you are the better behaved your man will be! However, what are they doing when you're not around and they are surrounded by ugly women!

3. Fairy Tales exist! Haha it is prooven that that very intense love feeling you have at the beginning or the early stages of a relationship that tend to decline when you've been together for 10-20 years returns after 20 years. So while you may be cooling off around year 10, stick around and year 21 will be AMAZING!

4.Making sacrifices for your spouse makes marriages stronger. This makes sense! If your partner sees the sacrifices you're making they are more likely to make sacrifices making the whole marriage more lovey & dovey!

5. Scientist have discovered that a person should ideally have 12 relationships to establish a baseline for what they are looking for in a partner before they understand their own relationship standards. - Great at this rate I won't be married untill I'm 60.

6. Women gain weight with marriage and men gain weight with divorce. Ohio State claims this is because women have more roles around the house making it harder for them to exercise. This study makes sense, however, my father lost weight with the divorce! He started exercising and went on the prowl! lol...and my mom can't gain weight if she my family must be the outlier.

7.Facebook behavior is blamed for 1/3 of United Kingdom divorces. THIS IS CRAZY! 33% of people who cited behavior as a reason for divorce mentioned facebook. Ususally this dealt with inappropriate messages to the opposite sex. While, I find it ridiculous I am not surprised. Maybe facebook is helping to expose people for what they are, and I truly believe if Facebook wasn't around these people would be citing cell phones or other behaviors as the issue.

8.Cohabitation makes couples happier than marriage. I'm not sure the reason, but maybe it's because people know they are free and know that if they want to they can walk away easily. While, in the same reguard they keep in mind that everyday they are choosing to be there...which is happy. I don't know if I agree with this....but I'm not against it.

9.Women see sex as an obligation. uhh what??? I see it is a pleasure! I feel bad for anyone who feels this way!

10.Having a dog can put a damper on your love life. Oh this is sad.  Apparently people aren't into dating people with dogs....these people are CRAZY! But apparently people don't mind dating someone with a question is...why would a man in late 20's or early 30's HAVE A HAMPSTER?!?

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