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So I went a little crazy this week...I can't help it! It's all sooo pinteresting!!!! Follow me on Pinterest - Krystle Singleton!

Peach Vodka popsicles...can I say YES PLEASE!!! I will definietly be making these!

I have a "Maybe One Day" board, and if I ever get knocked up (or pregnant on purpose) this is definietly what I'll be sending to a few choice people. It's soo funny, and clever and I think it captures the mood of what you would expereince when learning you are a totally good way. VIA

This is from my Best friends board...because yeah, my best friends and I are special like that. It came from
The Golden Snitch Necklace is from my Harry Potter board (yes, I have a Harry Potter board) and it's from anyone want to buy me one?

Have I told you guys i love the Big Bang Theory? ON my 'Oh the refences' pin board you can see all my addictions. This shirt is from (Im such a geeky nerd!).

On my make-up pin board how to make your own matte nail  polish using old eyeshadow! I love this idea, and can't wait to try it! via

This is on my DIY Projects board. How great are these wine glasses?  I guess you'd run the risk of getting chalk on your clothes....anyways this came via

From - On my travel tips board...a great guide to keeping it light & looking appropriate when traveling.

This is a poster I want for my classroom. My Freshman are currently writing novels that are at LEAST 10,000 words (so very short) and I feel they are struggling with letting go of their inner yes. This is on my classroom board and was pinned via

I want these! Custom Toms! YES PLEASE! Via

If I ever get married I WILL have this, I just imagine them as a 1000 well wishes... It's sooo beautiful. Via

My inspiration board. I don't care what others think..I'm ready to make myself proud.

Why do I feel like this PERFECTLY captures true love?

How cool is this? I can't wait to make one for my house...hmm an excuse to go antiquing in Charleston.

I want to live here.

I want this for my house, for all the places I have been (or possibly want to go?). I can totally imagine being married and putting this with the places we have gone/been together. Oh wow, did I just expose my romantic side?

If anyone can tell me where to buy this shirt...or how to make it I will give them a million dollars. Okay, maybe not a million. But I am obsessed and I need this.

I want this for my classroom! So inspiring!
I'm not sure where I found this...but I love this and it's e.e. cummings perfect for my Freshman English Classroom!

So true. I also may have to get this for my classroom.
Fairy Jar! I'm totally going to do this with my nieces when they are like 4 & 5. They'll be amazed!

Garden Nook = Perfection. Can't you just imagine curling up to read here? This is posted proudly on my Dream Home board. VIA

This is soo true, I apparently need to read this book. But never before has a quote spoke so truly to me.

"I Want To Go To There" Trinity Library in Dublin, Ireland.

I love green, I love summer, I love flats, I love blue jeans, I love the contrast of green and white. I LOVE THIS OUTFIT! (side note, I probably will not wear green eye shadow).

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