Monday, February 13, 2012

Since I do not have a husband (or boyfriend...or even a current friend's with benefits)...I am going to do the 10 Things I Want When I Fall In Love (or as my friends call them the panty dropper qualities.).

Einstein = sexy.
1. Intelligence- I know this is obvious. But, I don't just want a man who is intelligent. I want a man who is intelligent enough to call me out on it. I host trivia one night a week, and, nothing is sexier than if someone knows all the answers. Or, if someone can question me on what I know. I love to argue, I love to talk, I love to discuss. I find it incredibly sexy when someone make me stop and think. I was always in Gifted growing up and if someone can almost make me feel stupid, it's hott. I'm not saying I want them to like try to make me feel stupid, but if their intelligence and knowledge makes me feel like an idiot....I like it.
2. They must be a sport's enthusiast. These seem pretty common right? Well, this may go back to the intelligence thing but being able to discuss sports, or get into a heated (or comical) argument over whose team is superior gets my blood going. It makes me antsy. When someone tells me they don't like sports (especially a guy) I literally have nothing other to say than "oh." It confuses me. I'm competitive (watch out on game nights) and I need someone who at least can appreciate that.

3. They have to be self-assured. Not all out cocky, but a guy who is sure of himself is a turn on. If he can tell me what makes him great, then I am definietly going to see them. I don't want a guy whose an ass about it but being able to see what makes you great is a plus. So, you think you have beautiful baby blues, awesome calves and are intelligent- tell me. Not constantly, but maybe slip it in occasionally. 

4. They must make a move. I have a problem. I may not come across as timid or shy. But I am notorious for it when it comes to the opposite sex. Sure, I'll befriend you and you'll think we're BFF's, but in actuality I want to jump  your bones. So make a move, I promise I won't be mad. The guy who falls for me or who I fall for, will have to make the first one. I promise you I'll jump up and take action in the future. But that first time, I have to know I'm wanted...because let's be honest...I am terrified of rejection.

5. THey must be nerdy about something. Secret Harry Potter obsession? Loves orchids or exotic trees? Has the whole Star Trek Series on DVD? Everyone needs to have a geeky side. I certainly have multiple geeky sides. If you don't have someone to geek out with occasionally then what are you going to do? I for one geek out over Harry Potter (and multiple other book series), trivia,and a few other things. If someone else doesn't have a geeky side I see would just be weird!

tom delonge 3 man picture and wallpaper5. Music lover. Simply put.....concerts are hott. Take me to see Adam Levine, Tom, Delong, or heck take me to see any male performer whose music I enjoy and I'll be ready for the night. I love going to concerts, singing, swaying, toe tapping. I enjoy that part of my life. I want the person I fall for to enjoy it with me...or at least to not care if I go ...and then come back ready to jump him :).

6. Must love dogs. Seriously. Must love dogs. I love Buster, and I need someone who won't be upset if my 100lbs chocolate lab decides to jump up on the couch and cuddle him.  Buster occasionally hops in my bed and I can't have someone freaking out about that. I also feel like if someone dislikes dogs they must have something wrong with them.

7. Must be willing to travel. As you guys can tell, I suffer from wanderlust. I want to see the world. I want someone to be willing to do that with me. To want to go take off for a weekend at the beach, or travel to somewhere new. It's more than just I want to share my travel adventures with someone (which I do) it's more the attitude that goes with it. Someone who loves to travel is a little spontaneous, cultured and is willing to try new things. I want to share this aspect of my life with yeah, must be willing to travel.

8. You must be as tall as me or taller to ride this ride. Shallow? Yes. But, I'm self-conscious about my height and size and having a guy shorter than me makes me feel uncomfortable. In fact, in high school I have the BEST boyfriend in the world, and I broke up with him seven different times because I was uncomfortable about the fact that he was a little bit shorter than me. So, maybe I'll find someone who makes me not care about the height difference...but as of right now...they need to at least be my height....or taller (best case scenario....6"2" or taller!).

9. Must read. They don't have to read the classics. They do not have to read every day. But they must read. Reading shows that they have the attention, span, intelligence and maturity to try to soak up some knowledge, or culture. A guy who reads is super sexy.

10. They must like me. Yes, that's kind of obvious? I want someone who makes me feel desirable, who knows what they like about me. That will go toe-to-toe with me on issues and will enjoy fighting. I want someone who understands that I can be emotional, that I can be competitive and that I'm not happy with the way I look. I want someone to let me know that not only do they like me, they desire me. I want someone who makes me feel desirable.

So, this is a different list. It's the what I want list. But Happy Single's Awareness Listiciles Day!


  1. Love the nerd-o-meter. Yes, you can't trust anyone who isn't slightly silly about something. And I agree about intelligence. Best part is that usually results in a good sense of humor. Good luck. Maybe you'll meet your next love on Valentines.

  2. Sounds like the perfect list to me, down to the reading, being smart, and enjoying travel! Hope you can meet someone who fits the bill!!

  3. Absolutely love this list. I think there are many guys out there that will tick off your list. Just be prepared, sometimes you fall in love with the guy that is too short or allergic to dogs. But there are pills for that I am sure :)
    Happy tomorrow my dear. I wish you many chocolates and a fun day. And an adorkable guy behind you in a queue at Starbucks!

  4. Thanks everyone! And you're right I'm not going to cross someone off if they are missing something on the list.

    Also Jamie- you are totally right. I feel like really intelligent people tend to be the funniest that is why humor didn't make the list! I lump it in with intelligence!



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