Thursday, March 8, 2012

Its Ok Thursdays....that I'm totally obsessed with my new sheets. They are the most comfortable things in the world.

...that I'm bitter I don't teach Juniors & Seniors...there is a really cool Texting & Driving assembly..complete with a car crash and fake death and camera crews...and because I am a teacher of all that is Freshman I have to miss out on the fun stuff!

...that I am absolutely ADDICTED to "FUN Radio" on can I get it to follow me around and be the soundtrack to my life?

...that I bribe my students to clean my room by offering candy & extra credit.

...that I'm going to cancel on a conference I was supposed to attend this weekend...because I'm exhausted (I need to learn to say no!).

....that I drive way out of my way in the morning when I have the urge for chik fil'a...sometimes you just need a biscuit and some unsweet tea to get your morning going. get way to into politics. Like, seriously my feelings are hurt when people support Santorum. I can't support someone who is prejudice. feel that you know best. be soooo excited for a concert and to realize that.....even if I have to go alone I AM STILL GOING! (ugggh for last minute fall throughs!). So ready to see FUN! tonight. have an escape route in mind when going through your day...sometimes you just need some ret...and a girl can day dream right? not be able to decide if she wants to move or stay put! Charleston or Kissimmee!! AHHH!


  1. I know how you feel about getting so excited for a concert! I bought me and my Best Friend tickets to go see Nickelback I can't wait and its not until JUNE!!!! Have fun at your concert sorry you might have to go alone!

  2. We are so similar! I miss teaching older kids! I love them! Also, I think politics are so important and it makes me sad when people are not into politics, especially educators!

  3. Sassy - I totally argee! We have a lot of simularities. Monica, I also am excited to see FuN! And I am not going alone :). Woo hoo! But I would if I had to I am an independent woman! :)

  4. i would totally drive out of my way for chick fil a... but it would have to be SWEET tea for me! yummm. and i loveee charleston, i'd bet its such a great place to live!

  5. I LOVE FUN!!!

    I have been in love with Nate since he was in The Format!!! :)

    Have lots of fun!



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