Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Have I ever mentioned to you guys how much I love puns? It's seriously the main reason I decided to join in with Michelle over at the for her weekly edition of

So what did you ladies find this week? Hope you have a wonderful Wednesday! Usually mine includes the children leaving an hour early but because it's FCAT testing I'm with them until the usual time. Oh well, life can always be worse!!!!  Have a great day and stop by and visit Michelle!

How beautiful would that be in a nursery or little girl's room. I can't help but think of the quote "I know nothing but that the sight of stars make me dream." What a lovely way to "grow up."

Gorgeous colors, light, casual, every girl is in a dress they can wear again! IT's beautiful!

This looks like heaven...

Looking at these nails make me feel as if I am starring into a galaxy far, far away. I love them.

The true definition fo strength and beauty. My grandmother died a month before I was born from breast cancer and my great-grandmother died from breast cancer before that. TO see a beautiful and proud fighter is wonderful.

This is truly heaven..and kind of sexy with the sneak peek!

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