Friday, September 7, 2012

Fill in the Blank Friday!

1. My favorite grade in school was my Senior year, while I loved every year of school my Senior year I made more time for my friends and for fun, it was also the worst because I fought with my mother constantly. But, the fact that I didn't always stress about swimming and made more time for my friends just made it a whole other experience. " .

2. My favorite teacher was Mrs. Fifer & Mr. Moore. Mrs Fifer was my Kendergarten teacher and was the type of teacher who made every student feel as though they were her favorite. She came to my house just to see my bedroom, and when I graduated from high school and recieved a swimming scholarship she mailed me an embroidered towel to my house with a note of congratulations. Back then I was an extremely bright child and she never held me back but encouraged me. Mrs. Fifer was amazing. Mr. Moore was my physics teacher in high school and was also my co-worker my first four years of teaching. Mr Moore tought physics using cartoons, was obsessed with Albert Einstein even brought in banana bread with icing for Albert Einstein's Birthday. He was obsessed with M&M's and always had brain food for his budding physicist. Mr. Moore was the gold standard for teaching...when you were his student you were enthralled and amazed by him and as his co-worker (even though I teach English) I wanted to be with him. I got bonus points for being a red head...and then Mr. Moore shunned me for becoming an English teacher and notjoining the Science Department. Mr. Moore actually died at school over Spring Break when he was working in his classroom. I miss him.

3. The highest level of education I have completed is Bachelor of Arts in English Literature with a minor in Hospitality & Tourism (emphasis: Event Planning).

4. School lunches for me were usually unpredictable. In elementary school I usually packed unless it was a cool lunch day, and my mom would add in notes....sandwiches were usually PB&J, lunchables, etc. In Middle School I bought from the ala carte line and would usually eat pizza, subway and some sort of ice cream (thank god I was swimming 5 hours a day!). In high school I bought lunch at school Freshman year it was usually orange food day - chicken sandwich (it was orange), orange soda and peanutbutter cookies, and then Sophomore, Junior and Senior year we were allowed to leave for lunch...which on Monday's meant Fazzoli's and Wednesday's was Fatboy's Breakfast...the other days were split between Chik Fil A, DQ, Publix, Subway, McDonalds, etc....(once again thank god I was swimming 6 hours a was more)..well Sophomore year I wasn't allowed but I would go anyways!

5. The amount of money you'd have to pay me to go back to high school would be well I work at the high school I I get paid a salary every year to go back. Haha, I honestly loved high school and college. Sure I was angsty and moody and had some issues...but I also loved it. I worked hard, played hard and had a great group of friends.

6. A few things that will always remind me of going back to school are: Packs of loose leaf paper and highlighters........I'm a huge fan of new school supplies.

7. The first day of school was always something I was always excited about. I loved new school supplies, I was usually nervous but I loved school. I loved learning...probably why I ended up as a teacher.

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