Tuesday, September 11, 2012

10 Things I Want to Accomplish Before 2013



Ten Things I Want to Accomplish Before 2013
1. Move out! I moved back in with my mother and step-father to work on paying off medical bills after my brain surgery in 2009/2010...and I'm STILL there. I need to move out....before 2013!

2. Lose 20lbs. That's pretty self-evident.

3. Make the final decision: Tattoo or No. I'm dying for a wanderlust tattoo but I'm afraid. I don't know where I want it....the only thing holding me back is if it will ruin my wedding photos one day...I don't even have a boyfriend...so ruining wedding photos shouldn't even be close to a concern...but there ya go. I mean I could always cover it with makeup or ROCK IT! So if I'm going to get one I'm doing it on my 27th Birthday...it's my golden Birthday!

4. Clean and re-organize my room and closet. Get rid of EVERYTHING I don't wear.

5. I will pay off my credit cards. (Europe got away from me..so have medical bills).

6. I will come up with a system in which I am organized....this means, using my new amazing erincondren.com planner, keeping up with my laundry and my housework and working on my classroom organization.

7. I will make plans for New Years Eve that will make me smile

8. I will finally cut out all the t-shirts for my t-shirt quilt.

9. I will print out the photos I want.

10. I'll get my computer fixed.

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