Monday, November 8, 2010

49 Days…not that I am counting or anything.

I am officially 45 days away from boarding a plane with four of my best friends and embarking on a trip to Europe. But until then…I am stuck in the real world….with my real world job. I have to notify my employer that I will be embarking on a trip that will take me away from my job for three days. Granted a wedding is involved but I hate to leave them Miss Singletonless! I'm sure my students won't mind my absence but I am sure my administration will!

Anyways our itinerary is as follows:
December 27th – depart from Orlando, FL
December 28th – arrive in London!!!! Stay at the wonderful Central House Hotel in London in the Victoria neighborhood ( We will stay in Central House Hotel and enjoy all the sites London has to offer for two wonderful days. We may or may not visit Stonehenge. While I would LOVE to go since it is one of the things I've never done in London, I am fine if we don't go. It all just depends on what everyone else thinks!

December 30th- depart London for Paris at like 6:45am! Ahh! So early! We will be staying in the Garden Hotel in the Bastille neighborhood ( This hotel is a two star hotel, that is not very nice, but is in a descent area and is cheap! When I stayed there before while it wasn't the nicest it was clean and comfortable…which is really all we're really looking for!

January 2nd – Leave for Brussels! We will be staying in the Sheraton in Brussels, which is basically 4 star bliss. I absolutely cannot wait to spend a night here. I feel like Brussels will be a great little quick stop. I'm mostly looking forward to the chocolate, beer and waffles…I mean honestly who can go to Belgium and NOT get a Belgium waffle? I feel as if that would be a sin! (



January 3rd- Head to Amsterdam. In Amsterdam we will be staying at the Marriot in Amsterdam ( Yet another wonderful hotel. We start off our trip in budget hotels and end in style! I'm super excited!

January 5th- Return to the good 'ol US of A.
January 6th – Return to Work. (That will be a rough two days!).
I am so unbelievable excited and grateful for this opportunity and also incredibly broke! I have a lot of saving and scrimping to do between now and December 27th. Thank God I have Christmas and a Birthday between now and then!

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