Monday, July 11, 2011 I can't help it...time to weigh in.

Living in Orlando, Florida I have been at the hub of Casey Anthony central for awhile...and it's time for me to vent. Please respect that all of these ideas are my own and I am not perfect, and I recognize that people may not agree with me.

With that being said - people are annoying me. I totally understand that a woman very likely got away with murder. I am aware that she at the very least put her child in danger and should probably be serving more time. However, I am also aware that the amount of circumstantial evidence should not have led to the death penalty and should not maybe even equal her spending the rest of her life in jail.  Part of my reasoning may be that I do not believe in the death penalty (this I am not going to go into...however, people make in juries do). However, even this is not what is bothering me.

What is bothering me is how people are reacting. What happened to little Caylee is a tragedy and she should be remembered and should have been taken care of. However, she is not the only one. Caylee Anthony is not the first or last child to suffer at the people who should have cared the most. Everyday children are abused, and children are murdered how is it that we really have only heard about one in the last three years? I realize it's partly because of the outlandish story that followed, and the lies that were told. But I also realize it is a little bit because it was a pretty little white girl from a middle class family. What about the others? Why aren't people enraged on behalf of those children? Where are the people fighting for their justice?

But seriously, unfortunately Caylee is deceased and the ability to help her is gone. However, there are others. I have many acquaintances who post outrage on the behalf of Caylee who post death threats to Casey and have let this trial consume their lives, and they are constantly speaking about their anger at her lack of punishment (when if you look at what she was convicted of she was justly sentenced!). But they do not do anything about it. Instead of focusing all this negative energy on Casey Anthony and all this sadness on Caylee, why don't they seek out to help others. Why don't they attempt to get involved in a child abuse prevention center or do something positive with this hatred they feel.

This is my venting...I realize it's jumbled and annoying and probably just as obnoxious as the people who are complaining....but it's how I feel.


  1. Very good post.

    I actually have a similar post coming this week about the whole thing.

  2. No, I think this is an excellent post that makes valid points and calls the masses out on their "outrage." The public needs a villain and will find someone else to rally against soon. Our justice system was followed correctly, Americans. I was just venting about this case last night for different reasons. I don't know that this is the place - perhaps I'll post about it.

  3. Jenny - Feel free to complain away!

    Oilfield- I look forward to your post!

  4. Perhaps I shall! :) I have a huge issue with so many other important child issues being at work here. There's a ton of problems with this case, with the outcry for "justice" etc. and many similar cases get forgotten or ignored by the press/public for whatever reasons. Honestly, my biggest irk right now is the fact that this was just one more person who should not have had kids, and due to some circumstances she was thrust in to a role she couldn't fill. This is really really common, and there are bad parents who don't end up killing their kids who are equally unfit for the job. There isn't support for these people to turn to when they go "oh, crap - I can't do this." Our public so good at ignoring the benefits of reproductive planning (and by this I mean actually planning-in advance- weather to/not to reproduce)as well as providing education and supplies for those who *chose* not to... and socially or legally, we don't have a method for anyone to have an "out". I am really torn, because I think these people should have to deal with their consequences, but not at the expense of their children. Thanks for letting me get that off my chest! :)



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