Friday, September 2, 2011

Insta- Friday!

The Pups exhausted after playing all day and into the night!

Giant spider IN MY CAR WHILE I WAS DRIVING! Needless to say I drove with my flip flop in my hand! I happened to be on the phone with my bff Carolyn when I discovered said spider was INSIDE the car and not on the windsheild...which resulted in the funniest convo ever!

My dog, hoping I don't notice him...because he's not supposed to be in my bed.

The pups in a bed they are allowed on...please excuse the open drawers and GIANT pile of laundry..

Shannon rocking the champagne of beer.

Buster, Bowser and I!

Sad Linzi isn't coming out for dinner.

Sometimes an impromptu girl's night leads to this.

At my mom's Maggiano's BDAY dinner. This filter is NOT flattering...but I loved the way the candle looked.
This is me, my mom, my step-sister and step-father.

My best friend for ever and ever Lindsey and I on her Bday! This was up at Beer Pong :)

life rearranged


  1. Ahhh! Where did you find the, "Late Night Snack," ice cream? I saw Jimmy Falon on Martha Stewart (yes, I just admitted to watching Martha Stewart) and have wanted to try this so badly since then but I can never find it! Do share...

  2. Meagan, I found it at Publix the one across from the Walmart out in St. Cloud. It was bOGO the other week and I had to try it! It's probably my favorite! Chocolate covered potato chips AND a salt carmel swirl...YUM!



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