Thursday, September 1, 2011

Thankful Thursday

1. I am super thankful that my mom has a car to lan me while mine is STILL IN THE SHOP!

2.I am super thankful for the help of my team moms. My swim team moms are awesome. I love them.

3. PAY DAY ---I haven't been paid since June, and my wanderlust cost me some money this summer....

4. My students- once again a student brought me a book to read and I love it. I am currently enthralled in The Hunger Game series..I can't put it down...which made writing this blog and teaching in general difficult.

5. Sweet Potato Fried with a creamcheese cinammon dipping sauce from Three Sisters.

My list is short but heartfelt, like is busy, and early morning swim practice is quite frankly kicking my ass.

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