Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Where do you go when you day dream? A quaint European city? A beautiful island? The mountains? Wanderlust Wednesday gives you the opportunity to drift off to where ever your heart desires...

So, here's the problem. I love Wanderlust Wednesdays, but I realize I'm not handling them the best.  Every day I'm yearning to go somewhere new and try something different...and I focus on places I've never been. Which is fantastic. But I think I need to focus it more on what I know. Maybe I'll write about an activity or a restaurant, or a famous site. Maybe I'll write about a travel article I have stumbled upon or a blog. No matter what it's going to fall under my Wanderlust Wednesday genre. So without further ado...I present to you this week's Wanderlust Wednesday.
This week I stumbled across this blog :, and it had an article all about why people choose to travel, and what makes their wanderlust clocks tick. So Get In the Hot Spot has their list.....and this is mine.....
1. You never know what might happen.
I have run into Amy Winehouse (RIP) in King's Cross Station in London.....ended up doing Laundry in a Scottish Castle outside of Edinburgh, met the Oregon Baseball Team in San Francisco and stumbled upon an amazing bar an nice people in Wisconsin. Not to mention my impromptu photo session and day of beauty with Lindsey in Needless to say there is a huge list of strange things happening to you and traveling allows that. When you travel you're more open to new adventures and experiences......
2. You get to see the most beautiful places in the world.
Yes, growing up in Kissimmee, Florida I have been exposed to beautiful sites. The Disney Castle at sunset, sunsets and sunrises over Lake Toho, and the beautiful beaches that are about an hour away. But it is on my travels that my breath has been taken. The Colorado mountains either bathed in sunlight or covered in snow,  the drive along the Pacific Coast Hwy. Stopping at Pebble Beach and watching the seals sunbathe on the rocks. The Battery in Charleston, The Eiffel Tower lighting up once an hour in Paris. The beautiful gardens in Edinburgh. It's a fact that we take for granted the things we see or use every day. I sometimes/often overlook the beauty of Lake Toho or fail to pay attention to the pretty streets in Winter Park. However, when you travel your more attuned and you pay attention. Wouldn't you regret not taking in every moment of an afternoon at Versailles?
3. You meet new people. How else do you learn what a Scottish man really wears under his kilt? How do you learn about the best local beer in Wisconsin or about the great cheap night club in Soho London. Cheapskates night, and the thumb wrestling challenge would not have happened without them. Meeting new people and discovering what makes you different and noticing what makes you the same is part of the beauty of travel.
I guess basically the best reasons to travel is because it makes you aware. You're aware of your surroundings of what you are eating, seeing, feeling, drinking and experiencing. It's when we are traveling and vacationing that we actually live the way we are supposed the moment.

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