Tuesday, January 24, 2012

10 Things I'd Like to See Happen Before I Die

1. I would like to see gays have the right to be married. If people claim religion is their issue I propose that in the eyes of the Government everyone has a union, and that we allow individual churches to make their own choice. I feel that everyone has the right to happiness, and to choose whom they would like to spend their life with.

2. A female President. I tend to claim that gender doesn't matter, and it doesn't. I'm not a huge feminist or anything like that. But, by having a female President it shows that gender doesn't really matter.

3.The Orlando Magic win an NBA Championship.

4. I would like to see books, magazines and newspapers make a comeback. I want to see people reading things they can hold and not just the electronic copies. I realize being a Nook owner I am part of the problem. But I still buy books!

5. I want to see people stop downloading movies and music illegally.

6. I want to see a safe-oil alternative (or gasoline!).

7. I want to see a cure for cancer.

8. I want to see my father walk me down the aisle.

9. I want to see a time where money isn't an issue.

10. I want to see things change.

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